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Nefrocenter Research was born in June 2018 as a center of research that unifies different competences in the fields of:of nephrology with the prevention and treatment of kidney diseases, treatment of advanced chronic nephropathy, predialitic, dialysis (hemodialysis) and follow-up of the kidney transplantation; in the field of diabetology with the prevention and treatment of diabetes, this makes NCR an innovative startup.

This competences, directed by the observational and translational clinical research, aim to improve the quality of the treatments and the physical and psychological well-being of patients, as well as the spread of the culture of the “good care”.

In this context Nefrocenter Research has interwoven important collaborative relationships with prestigious institutions such as the UNESCO chair, research institutions, such as CNR, the Federico II University and the “Luigi Vanvitelli” University of Campania and the La Sapienza University of Rome and other research institutions; promoting cultural, professional and scientific growth of its operators.

Initiatives relating to its areas of operation.

  1. Projects of observational clinical research;
  2. Activities of awareness and prevention of treated diseases;
  3. Promotion of continuing education for health professionals;
  4. Divulgation, through scientific publications, of accomplished results in the field of research;
  5. Presentation of the research results within Conferences and National and International Scientific Meetings;
  6. Promotion of awareness activities, whose objective is the amplification of patient knowledge.

Undertaken Researches.

  1. Project related to vascular access for hemodialysis patients;
  2. Project related to research of cutaneous lipodystrophies caused by incorrect injection technique of insulin in diabetic patient;
  3. Project related to research of cutaneous lipodystrophies caused by incorrect injection technique of insulin in hemodialysis diabetic patient;
  4. Project related to the education, whose objective is the correction of the injection technique mistakes, the evaluation of improvement of the health outcomes – e.g. hypoglycemias – and the control of the expenditures for the medical operations and hospitalizations deriving from them;
  5. Evaluation and cognitive training of patients suffering from neurological and neuropsychiatric diseases;
  6. Rehabilitation of the patients with disabling neurological diseases;
  7. Project “pizza and diabetes” aimed to find low-glycemic flours and greater involvement, at the restaurants, of the diabetic patients treated with insulin pump.
  8. Research project related to the pharmaceutical field.

Our mission, our passion.

Nefrocenter Research wants to reach the following goals.

Promotion of basic, clinical, medical, translational research and of the health economics and clinical governance;

innovation of technologies in the field of chronical and nutritional pathologies and of the nutraceutical; aimed at the prevention, the diagnosis and care of the pathologies such as diabetes mellitus, chronic kidney diseases, cardiovascular, neurological, psychological and psychiatric diseases, as well as neuro-rehabilitation and medical imaging

divulgation of the research results, studies and scientific contributions, as well as the opening of structures – throughout the national and international territory – suitable for the research, the prevention, the diagnosis and the care of the pathologies treated;

promotion – through participation in conferences, courses, publications and scientific refresh activities – of the education, the qualification and the training of the health personnel operating in that structure;

actuation of on-the-job training of all health personnel working in it, also in order to carry out what is foreseen by the continuing education programs in medicine (ECM).


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