Low Glycemic Index (IG) flour Mix


Location: Italia

Project: Low Glycemic Index (IG) flour Mix

Year  2018 / 2019


Category:  Nutrizione, Diabetologia

Low Glycemic Index (IG) flour Mix


The pizza is born as a typical food of the Mediterranean diet that has spread more and more in the world
varying also the original ingredients and moving away from the basic components.
Even people with diabetes eat pizza and have directly experienced the increase in blood sugar after eating it. In Fact, one of the most frequently asked questions to Diabetologist is: can I eat pizza freely? And how to manage insulin therapy?
We compared the effects on blood glucose that digestibility at 2-4-12 hours from pizza meal, but also the taste of pizzas prepared with different flours:
• Wheat Flour 00
• Wholemeal wheat Flour
• Low Glycemic Index (IG) flour Mix
To evaluate both aspects described above, we chose a cohort of subjects with T1DM able to adapt the insulin bolus to the carbohydrates eaten.
This experiment allows to look at the “innovative pizza ” as a valuable help in the monotony of diabetics diet.

Note: A preliminary study is already in progress to be sent to an international magazine editor.
By the NefroCenter Research group