Welcome to NefroCenter Research

Nefrocenter Research was born in 2018 as a center of research that unifies different competences in the fields of nephrology and dialysis and in particular of advanced chronic pre-dialysis, dialysis, kidney transplantation and study on nephrological vascular access, prevention and treatment, diabetes mellitus and its complications, cardiology, radiology and neurology.

About NefroCenter

NNefrocenter is the first entirely Italian capital group in the field of nephrology, dialysis, diabetology and related research. With a net of experts and structures to the state-of-the-art one our team constantly works for offering a rapid assistance to the patient, efficient and of high quality. The services cover a wide range of skills in the sector of nephrology, diabetology, radiological diagnostics, cardiology, rehabilitation and hyperbaric therapy.

What we do?

  • Projects of observational clinical research;
  • Activities of awareness and prevention of treated diseases;
  • Promotion of continuing education for health professionals;
  • Divulgation through scientific publications of accomplished results in the field of research;
  • Presentation of the research results within Conferences and National and International Scientific Meetings;
  • Promotion of awareness activities whose objective is the amplification of patient knowledge.

State-of-the-art research center

Improve the quality of the treatments and the physical and psychological well-being of patients, as well as the spread of the culture of the “good care”.

Qualified Staff

A team of brilliant professionals and dedicated researchers in order to improve standard care

Modern Technologies

The modern technology is able to support our researchers’ action in the best possible way.

Highest Quality Results

The most important thing to our group is to produce quality results that have a real impact on health.


The collaboration with the main Universities accompanies our daily action.

Unmatched Expertise

We have a strong passion for our work, this allows us to achieve otherwise unexpected goals.

Accolades awards

Many of our researchers have received important awards from the scientific community.


Discoveries to Change Lives

Our numbers. Our aims. Our goals.
Healthcare facilities
Dialisys patients
Diabetic patients
Specialized physicians

Discover the details of our work, do not miss the updates of the documents on the case studies and scientific publications.


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